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Can I do graphic design and animation both?

Graphic design and animation are often used interchangeably and many people confuse one field with the other. The only similarity that the two have is that they are both creative field and integrated with design. 

Though no matter how closely related, both the fields are completely different in terms of identities, job role, salaries and more. If you are planning to do BA animation or a similar programme in graphic design then you must have a deeper understanding of the two fields. Both these industries come with various job prospects and are very interesting. 

As a student you can choose to do graphic designing or animation as per your preference. If both the fields interest you then you can choose to study both of them as well, though that would be an expensive and time consuming process. Additionally, in terms of skill building, you will have to go the extra length to integrate knowledge of two separate domains. 

Graphic design and animation 

Both graphic designers and animators work with clients to come up with creative outlets of information. The former work on creating logos and advertisements while the latter create media forms for video games, movies and television. 

Graphic designers are employed in various industries where they have to use their creative skills to design products that is used to influence the buying decision of customers. Animators, on the other hand have to create storyboards and use their computer skills to create animation from illustrations that are used in various portals such as movies, games and more. 

The job responsibilities of an animator includes creating animations in the set deadline and editing them as per the feedback of the client. They are required to think creatively and come up with original ideas that are unique and can be used for the purpose of storytelling. 

What does a graphic designer do? 

As a graphic designer, you are required to communicate your message to the audience in a virtual manner. If you have a creative streak then this career is best suited to you. Graphic designers employ tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to create vector images, illustrations, logos, flyers, banners, social media posts, advertisements and more. 

The scope of this field is vast and almost every digital media house hires graphic designers who help create exemplary marketing campaigns. 

What does an animator do? 

The work of an animator involves bringing to life the work of a graphic designer. This means that the designs made by a graphic designer are animated by animator, which is necessary if they are to be used as moving visuals in movies, games and other platforms. 

Though that does not mean that an animator must have knowledge of graphic design as animation is a standalone field. As part of the process, the animator is required to come up with a story, the concept art, story-boarding and more which is done through a lot of brainstorming and planning. As a result the content that is created is very unique. 

Later, in the production phase of things this concept art is given visual identity and they are modeled into a structure. This includes modeling them in 2D or 3D structure and using texturing, lightning etc. on them. 

Creating such visual products requires enormous artistic skills and that’s why the job of an animator is well regarded and highly popular. Opportunities in this field are immense as it is a very popular field. 


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