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UAV Micro-Mechanical Enemy Swarm Zapper

Are we able to build an unmanned aerial vehicle to fly inside a swarm of insects to zap them? Well let us condition that insect swarm is not organic but small little automatic micro-mechanical flying devices with explosive charges or perhaps bio-logical lethal or non-lethal weapons? Scared yet? Well you need to be because the new high-tech modern battlespace will likely be nothing like it’s today? If you are a brigade of troops you are just like a sitting duck for automatic swarming technologies? How do you fight them off? Well this can be a concept

An unmanned aerial vehicle interceptor is shipped for the swarm and in addition it functions just as one organic bat, that could consume to 1000 insects hourly. Along with your strategies its little aboard artificial intelligent computer plots the very best course to obtain all the little micro-auto specialist devices or organic insects, whichever they are? We are unable to know afterwards once the enemy uses organic insects controlling individuals for everybody their will essentially design, make, manufacture and launch micro-mechanical automatic insects to accomplish his dirty work.

Gannet Glider Drone (GGD), Australia

If micro-mechanical devices we are able to employ a number of different strategies? Use NASA Aerogel to snare these questions internet, fly a extended and vacuum them up or drop chafe which can be later hit acquiring a laser or activated obtaining a pulse weapon over the UAV to fry all the electronics immediately. We must consider using the selecting of strategies after we want the little devices for your own personel use later to recycle automatic parts or perhaps we do not need them. We must also decide if the enemy is employing biological weapons on little stingers across the unit through which situation single-way suicide single mission UAV acquiring a pulse detonation device will be the most useful suited. Never the less this is often one strategy we must remove incoming swarms of micro-mechanical weapons. So, consider this around 2006.