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Automatic UAV Swarm Vacuum for Enemy Micro Mechanical MAVs

Afterwards both US and our Allies, in addition for the opponents will likely use automatic insect swarms to battle soldiers. This means thousands otherwise a lot of insects making their own cloud of darkness just like a killer bee swarm occasions ten or simply a little Locust Plague. These swarming automatic insects try and around whelm the troops and kill them or possibly make use of a non-lethal dose of injection to put visitors to rest. Both in situation the enemy swarms might cause an entire platoon of troops to eliminate their will to fight or kill these small directional explosive charges on impact. Exactly how should we stop them? Is it possible to stop this type of strategy or enemy weapon? I uncover it. How so that you ask?

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Well consider flying a UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle inside a swarm to avoid them? For this reason one species would make a move against another. Do you realize Bats consume to 1000 bugs hourly? In this situation we’d not necessarily eat them because they are just a automatic swarm attacking a person amount of soldiers. But we have to consider how nature would attack this problem. Make use of a bigger UAV to possibly collect them just like a giant Hoover Vacuum essentially collect these questions bag then seal them up. They’ve biological weapons there and really should be sterilized.

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The UAV defense swarm killer will need to make many passes similar to in the event you vacuum your floor there has to be many of them cooperating together like the internet-centric underwater unmanned autonomous vehicles, which search for under water sea mines. Which units cannot have air intakes or even the UAV would get blocked by all the attacking swarm units they most likely should concentrate on batteries or perhaps a power cell. You’ll will consider this around 2006, whenever you potential approach to obtaining a swarm of micro-mechanical devices keen on our troops.