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Hydrogen Creating Barges Or Platforms inside the Ocean to produce Truck Fuel

A very smart gentleman and futurist ask today after we could build barges to produce hydrogen fuel for cars? Place them inside the ocean and allow them to make hydrogen near transfer terminals to give the distribution system and then we could deliver it to filling stations to construct vehicles. Can it be that easy? Indeed, certain works, have Desalination system before hydrogen separation collection system and merely release the oxygen there?

Meanwhile we’re able to apply it barges or perhaps empty oil platforms near shore, which are not used? Oil companies wouldn’t mind along with your rusting assets still over the books. The whole factor may be elope of wind power claimed the Futurist or perhaps ocean wave generation too. So it may be self generation enabled that’s sensible too. The factor may be the 15 knot onshore breeze could power wind turbines and wave energy is simple. Sure sounds good. Which jogs my memory and wind generation: what about Wave generation?

Hydrogen Power For Heavy Trucks In China And All The Ships At Sea -  CleanTechnica

All this technology is presently available, no problem. Concerning the barge, oil platform Hydrogen from water separation and collection we are able to then release the oxygen by blowing it inside a straw with massive grids of roots and the oxygen towards the water to help the decay of sea existence and de-oxygenated water causing dead zones.

The discharge oxygen grid would encompass the tidal flows, which are natural, oxygen would enter both outgoing and incoming tides. Let the ocean spread it around. Lets kill 50 wild wild wild wild birds with one stone, not just a couple of? Wow, my futurist friend is a great guy indeed, imagine we are able to really save the elements in several ways? Consider all this around 2006.