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How to conduct an expert survey

An expert survey is a type of interview in which you ask one or more questions to a set of people with extensive experience in a particular field. This type of content has huge viral potential. This article explains how to create a survey of such a type.

How to formulate a question

The topic and the correct formulation of the problem will set the direction for the entire interview. To create a questionnaire, it is better not to initially set yourself the goal of making an expert survey. The most ideal choice is the point at which your crowd as of now has an inquiry that requires a definite response. Utilize our suggestions if the topic of discussion does not initially arise:

  • Take the most recent pattern in the business and request that the specialists remark on it.
  • Check out the comments on the blog. It’s likely that curious questions requiring an expert response were left there by users.
  • Take a look at your rivals’ most recent posts and create a poll based on the topic of the most popular one.
  • Examine posts made by users on industry forums.

How to select experts for the survey

The selection of experts is the next step after formulating the question. When working on this task, consider the following two concerns:

  • Are they knowledgeable enough to provide a helpful and in-depth response?
  • Is there a group of people who might be interested in the survey’s topic?

The experts need to be reminded of your request. Check the table and select everyone for whom there is no response to accomplish this. Verify that your contact information is accurate and error-free. Do more research or use other means of communication if you are unsure whether you have found contacts who can work with you. Social networks, for instance, rather than email.

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