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Best Boarding Schools

Experiencing boarding schools is one of the best choices for you to prepare for college. Applying to a boarding school means living in a dormitory and paying for a room and board. This allows the students to stay focused on academic success while living on school premises. 

There are various factors to consider when comparing boarding schools. Some criteria you need to look for in a boarding school include tuition fees, location, acceptance rate, percentage of students boarding, and teacher-to-student ratio. Entering a boarding school can help learners get into top colleges in the country, including the universities in the Ivy League. 

You can try looking over Brown University if you want to experience a boarding school with a college town feel. Brown has a good standing in the Ivy League as it is one of the most exclusive and unique colleges in the United States. Thus, this school ranks among the best universities in the rankings.

The Brown acceptance rate is 8.3%, similar to other highly-ranked universities like Harvard and Stanford. This means that the admission process is strict and that you need to ensure that your application and supporting documents are accurate and avoid simple errors.

Meanwhile, if you prefer a university in New Hampshire that accepts students who have the capabilities to excel in their chosen fields, Dartmouth University is a preferable one for you. The Dartmouth acceptance rate is at 10.4%, which is considerably higher thanother Ivy League members. Despite the lower acceptance rate, this college does not discriminate against applicants’ financial circumstances as it is known for its generosity in financial aid.

Finding the best boarding school to help prepare for college can be pretty tedious, especially with numerous options available in the market. Despite this, boarding schools will allow students to discover opportunities when applying to their preferred universities. You can read about the best boarding schools in the United States through this article provided by AdmissionSight, the world’s leading consulting company for Ivy League and college admissions.

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